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Resurgence is a community of believers that have found the abundant life that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. We are convinced that the best life possible is the life that Jesus provides; a life full of hope, peace, purpose, and joy. Our vision and charge is to impact Evansville for Christ, though serving in His Name and sharing His Word. The invitation is to come together with others that want real life answers, opportunities to serve those in need, and a sense of community that is authentic. We are unapologetically Christ- centered, exalting Jesus who has rescued us all from sin and death. Resurgence exists to build solid disciples amongst a generation that at times has been abandoned by their family, their friends, and even their church. Resurgence’s mission is to point the culture to Christ. We exist to fill a gap. Many believers have felt left out at church. They want and need to express their faith in service, community, and worship. Resurgence is designed to satisfy those longings. Please join us!